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Rain River Poncho Disposable Rain Poncho Emergency Family 8 Pack - Extra Thick

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Rain River is here to protect you and your family and keep you dry on unexpected rainy days. The emergency family pack includes four matching adult and child-sized raincoats in red, green, blue and yellow. This means that, in total, you will have eight disposable rain jackets, so don’t be afraid of the rain! 


Are you going to a theme park or a festival? Are you planning a camping or hiking adventure? Will you travel? Maybe you just want to walk your dog. No matter what you do or where you go, you will NOT get wet if it starts raining. The disposable rain jackets will make sure of that, so don’t forget to take them with you!


The Rain River rain jackets come in two different sizes, for adults (43”x35”) and for children (31.5”x20”). The rain ponchos with the drawstring hoods and the elastic sleeves will give you the most secure fit without impeding your movements. Once you wear our rain coat, you’ll understand what we’re talking about!


Rain River has brought a revolution! These water resistant rain jackets are made with a heavy-duty material that is 30% thicker than that of other disposable rain ponchos on the market. This means that when you’ll click the “Add to Cart” button, you’ll basically place an order for the most durable, high quality rain ponchos.


The disposable rain jackets are lightweight and they have the most compact design. For your convenience, Rain River has made sure that these rain ponchos are easy to store and carry around. That’s why each raincoat comes in a practical storage box. The box will also keep your rain cloak safe and clean until you decide to use it.

Emergency Rain Ponchos For The Whole Family

Are you outdoors with the whole family and suddenly it starts raining? Don’t panic, because we have a solution for you.

Rain River presents you with the disposable rain poncho emergency family pack!

This pack includes 4 matching rain jackets for adults and kids. This means that you’ll have 8 waterproof ponchos in 4 bright colors:

 Red  Green  Blue  Yellow 

The water resistant rain jackets will keep you dry until the rain stops. Afterwards, you can throw it away.

You Never Know When The Rain Poncho Will Come In Handy!

That’s why you always need to carry one around with you whenever you go to a theme park, go to a festival or concert, go camping, hiking or fishing, travel, walk your dog, run your errands.

Don’t worry! The Rain River rain jackets are very lightweight and they come in a convenient, compact box so that you can carry them around with ease!